Promoting professional development of Ukrainian lawyers is an important component in CLC activities. Professional growth requires permanent improvement, knowledge update, qualification refreshment and deep awareness of legal processes underway in the modern world. Therefore, CLC specialists attach great attention to enhancing the proficiency level of judges, governmental officials, private sector lawyers, entrepreneurs and journalists. A unique pool of highly professional lecturers and experts help prepare high-quality training programs. Numerous counterparts from various governmental institutions, courts, high educational establishments, NGOs and local power bodies ensure timely response to the society needs.

Developing citizens’ legal awareness, ensuring their right to unbiased and timely information is the requirement of the time. The Center’s informational and public awareness activity is a clear answer to this requirement. This activity includes dissemination of important legal information, legal education of the wide public, presentation of concepts and solutions developed by CLC specialists and promotion of advantages and values of the open society. The program of legal education for entrepreneurs, representatives of small and medium business, has found common acclaim. A series of popular manuals entitled “Legal ABC for Entrepreneurs” is in great demand and is regularly published by the Center for many years on end.

Other specialized CLC publications (See: menu “Publications”) add much to the public awareness of the Center’s activities, as well as a close cooperation with the Ukrainian mass media and numerous events, which involve the public into the discussion of legal reforms (such as conferences, round tables, press clubs etc.). Dialogue with the wide public is the achievement the Commercial Law Center is proud of and is the guarantee of finding timely solutions and taking adequate actions.