CLC Trains Civil Servants on How to Prepare Regulatory Impact Assessments

On September 23-24, 2013 CLC and the State Service for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship Development (SSRPED) co-hosted a workshop on proper application of Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) by regulatory authorities and legislative drafters.


In attendance were over 70 civil servants representing over 40 public agencies, including the Presidential Office, the Office of the Cabinet of Ministers, line ministries and agencies in charge of regulatory policy development and drafting legislation at different levels. The participants discussed the principles of public regulatory policy and practice of its implementation; reviewed major types of regulatory documents and requirements set to their preparation; ex ante regulatory impact assessment, its components (including environmental impact assessment) and analysis of policy options; public consultations and other methods of involving stakeholders in the RIA processes; RIA follow-up and public authorities\' liability for failure to carry out proper RIA.

Among the trainers were CLC and SSRPED experts, civil society activists and think-tank analysts. The workshop was practical and interactive in nature, an opportunity for the participants to network and exchange experiences.

Please see photos from the seminar here